February 04, 2016

Michael Devine Ltd. strives to create beautiful products that are unique and always handmade. Using the best artisans in both the USA and France, every yard of fabric or piece of china is carefully crafted and made to order.

In the Heat of the Night

Is there anything as fun as a big party with loads of friends? As the winter continues I am thinking of some fun party ideas for in the garden this coming summer. One of the best parties we ever hosted was shot for my book, An Invitation to the Garden. I think the reason it was so successful, aside from a fun mix of people, is that it started late for Kinderhook, at 9 pm after the sun had gone down. 
When the guests arrived in the candle lit garden and saw the impressive colorful lantern tree, it set the tone for the night. 

We made it an easy to host party by having all the food, from nuts to dessert, on the center table buffet style. The food was served on a mix of trays from my collection.  That freed our time up so we could spend it enjoying the evening with our guests.

Freezing flowers, bachelor buttons shown here, in ice cubes goes a long way to 
making the ice bucket more attractive.

The seating area was set with candles and an array of favorite summer plants, like pulmbago, scented tobacco and geraniums, in glorious full bloom. 
The scented tobacco had the added benefit of scenting the evening air with its heady perfume.

Since it was a hot summer night we provided fans for the guests. These were found on the street in Chinatown below Canal Street in NYC.