February 01, 2016

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A Day in the Graden: George Eastman Museum

I have to start off by saying I wasn't technically in this garden, I was looking at it through a window. The beautiful summer day that greeted us when we arrived at the George Eastman Museum in Rochester NY, had turned into a stormy afternoon by the time we wanted to go in the garden. Lesson learned: always visit the garden first no matter how cloudless the sky maybe.
Eastman Kodak created one of the greatest American companies of the twentieth century and built a house to reflect that status. The magnificent 50 room Georgian mansion was built between 1902 and 1905 on what was once a farm. Kodak hired noted landscape architect Alling DeForest to design the Italianate Terrace Garden while the house was being built. It is one of four gardens remaining on the estate. Today the Terrace Gardens 23 beds hold mostly perennials and even in the rain the garden maintained an inviting appeal.

The arbor across a drift of yellow Dahlias and purple Phlox.

The stairs leading down to a sunken pool is a focal point in the symmetry of the garden.

The use of grasses in the garden added dimension to the beds.

Classic Boxwood hedges border the gardens beds.

A jumble of brightly colored Scented Tabacco and Zinnias surround the evergreens 
at the back of the garden.