November 12, 2015

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The Fantastic World of Ware M. Porter

The variety of colors and patterns of the tables speaks to Wares 
innate ability to use color and pattern.

Interior designer Ware M. Porter is a host that knows how to throw a great party. His joie de vivre and all out approach to entertaining has put him on track to becoming a legendary host. Who else but Ware would host a holiday party and have live models body painted silver and white posing on columns? That’s just the start of the party stories Ware has to tell. 
His stylish interiors are equally brilliant thanks to his expert use of color and passion for traditional design. He creates memorable rooms for clients with confident chic style. He also has one of the best design stores around, Ware and Co., in his home town and base of Birmingham, Alabama. Behind the signature clear blue front door is an Aladdin's cave of beautiful home furnishings and accessories. 
I was thrilled that my first dinnerware trunk show was held there. Todays post is a lunch that Ware held for clients in the store. Enjoy!
Designer and shopkeeper Ware M. Porter 

Tell me about the occasion and meal you made.

Given I am in between homes, and there is a paint crew in my dining room preparing for lacquer, I am hosting a holiday luncheon for a few friends and clients in my office. I have hosted parties here and it’s always a smash. It’s a jewel box of a space, if I may say so myself, and a crowd pleaser.  French café music and southern food is served with endless Champagne. 

The style is in the mix.

What influences your menu choices when you entertain?

What is in season, occasion and number of guests factor what is on the menu. The chill in the air calls for a fireside buffet of Chicken and Morel Pie with steamed asparagus. 

Who or what has most inspired your entertaining style?

My mother. Our home has always had an open door policy for friends and family. There was always more than enough of everything for everyone. Roaring fires, cocktails and people buzzing about was the norm. She is such a gracious Host...I’d like to think that I am too.

Mixing patterns and textures adds depth and interest to the place settings.

Do you have a favorite china or tabletop item that you collect?

Silver and more silver, it’s part of my southern roots. My father started giving me silver in high school and I haven’t stopped collecting since. I adore my Verdura silver shells. They are migratory objects you may find on my coffee table or in my dining room. They are so naturally beautiful.