October 22, 2015

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Party at Designer Eddie Lee’s

The charismatic New York based interior designer, Eddie Lee recently hosted a really fun cocktail party in his Westside New York apartment. His home is the perfect setting for entertaining a large group. The open plan makes it a breeze for guests to mingle and the host to keep an eye on how the party is progressing.
As a designer Lee is known for a range of styles defined by his attention to detail, which is not surprising since he trained under designer Greg Jordan. With his experience he has great tips for entertaining which can make your next get together easier and more fun.  
As the toast goes Chin! Chin! Enjoy!

A bountiful buffet chez Eddie.

Tell me about the occasion and meal you made.
Tonight's event is a chance for friends to get together and catch up post summer fun and before the hectic holiday season starts.

Designer Eddie Lee

What influences your menu choices when you entertain?
My menu choices are influenced by season, time of day, and guest list.

A well stocked bar is a must.

Who or what has most inspired your entertaining style?
My mother has most influenced my entertaining style. She comes from a long line of Bavarian innkeepers dating back to the 1600's so hospitality is in my blood.  I'm happiest with a room full of good company and good food.

Has anyone been a strong influence in teaching you the l'art de recevoir? 
My former boss and friend, Greg Jordan, was influential in teaching me l'art de recevoir.  Our offices doubled as an entertaining space.  Greg let all of his staff throw parties, and even some of our bold name society clients hosted anniversary dinners and birthdays in the space.

Do you have a favorite china or tabletop item that you collect?
I collect cake stands, I love using them to display anything from appetizers to desserts.  The varying heights add a dynamic vibe and I like the visual mix. 

The classic silver beaker is the ideal container for an easy arrangement.