January 23, 2009

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Gone with the Wind

After three days of back breaking hard work and stress during set up and months of minutely detailed planning, opening day finally arrived. Carolina and I met at a very bright 7 am so we could get to the stand and do the final fluff. Oh what a splendid beginning it was to have been. 
Thomas, Carolina and I  had noticed during set up that it got a little breezy in the tent, notably the roof. However, we thought that the master minds of the show must have really done their homework on large tents, before they would dare expose their visitors and exhibitors to any irresponsible danger.
Humm, I think that we overestimated their prowess. 
The day before all we heard about was this major storm that was to roll through. Well, did it roll and sur tout BLOW! The wind rattled the entire structure for several hours. It was absolutely terrifying. 
It felt as if the tent was going to blow away. Finally the show closed the hall at 12:30 and still seven hours after they closed it, they were still in a meeting discussing what to do.
The video that I took shows the movement of the suspended flags in the hall. I have never taken a video on my camera before, so you may have to turn your head sideways to watch it.