April 08, 2009

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In the Beginning

I love magazines and the stories they tell. Beautiful spaces all so wonderfully turned out. However, the finished project is only part of the story. I always find the process of how things were created so interesting, this is the process of my own garden. From grim to glorious in three months.
When I first saw the yard I was instantly inspired and knew exactly how it was going to look when I got done with it. Little did I know what was ahead. I knew it wouldn’t take long and once it started, it didn’t.
The summer of ’06 when we moved in, there were still a cast of workmen running around banging and sawing day and night. It wasn’t until April ’07, almost two years after buying the property that things got moving. Here is the evolution.
The winter  of my discontent '05/'06

Summer '06, the neighbors car completes the setting. 
Spring '07 that's thirteen loads of top soil.
At last, some progress, the beds are installed.
The fence starts to go up.
The shed arrives. 
The sod goes down.
At last, the dream is real.