April 20, 2009

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The Roses of Summer

Last summers roses were spectacular. I had never grown them before, but I marched right ahead and planted eight roses to cover the fence and the back of the building. I learned quickly that they are easy to grow. Just water, fertilizer and a little trim ever now and then, that’s about it.  

What pleasure they gave us throughout the summer. The six Pierre de Ronsard along the fence and the two Zepherin Drouhin running up the back wall were stunning, and the fragrance - so lush. 

This year another eight are being added. I found this great heritage rose company in California called Vintage Gardens. They have or can get just about every rose under the sun. The site is really informative and the customer service is wonderful. The first of the roses arrived yesterday, packed really impressively and with clear planting instructions. 

I can’t wait for the first batch of rose jam and all the other good things I plan on making this summer. 

My Pierre de Ronsard
The Pierre de Ronsards in their glory.

Mme Caroline Testout will be climbing up both corners of the bagatelle. 

Reine des Violettes will go on the arbor.