June 19, 2009

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Chicago Part 2

My time in Chicago was really amazing. In addition to visiting Holland & Sherry and meeting some of Chicago's best designers, I had the pleasure of seeing my friend Alessandra Branca. She invited me for drinks at her magical townhouse. It was bliss. While I was there she mentioned her store that I hadn’t seen yet and the sale she was going to have. I was already planning on visiting Branca it, but the word sale sealed it. The store is beyond stylish and has something for every budget. I highly recommend making a beeline to it the next time anyone is in town.
The store front of Branca.

The next day I went to visit my family for the weekend in Peoria. It had been a two years since the last visit, so I was long overdue. Happily, we decided in the future it made more sense to start meeting in Chicago and spend time there instead of schlepping down state, which is vastly different from northern Illinois where we grew up.
The biggest treat waiting for me was my little two year old nephew Robert Michael. He is just too cute for words. I have now become a doting uncle through and through!

That smile!

Too adorable.