September 13, 2009

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There's Nothing Like a Wedding

The recent wedding of Sabine Rothman and Amy Breedlove was just spectacular. The couple chose to celebrate their union in the beautiful village of Wellfleet Massachusetts with a 150 of their nearest and dearest in attendance. The ceremony under the tent was incredibly touching with nay a dry eye by the end of it. The dinner and party following was a convivial feast of shellfish, lobster and champagne that one always wishes would never end.

The Happy Couple Amy and Sabine

Elizabeth Blitzer

Richard Fraizer and Laura Kirar

Chloe Lieske and Lizzie Bailey

Kathey Levin and her beloved bike that she rode from New York to the Wedding.

Suzy Slesin, Dan Shaw and Michael Steinberg

Mr and Mrs Philip Gorrivan

Ann Feldstein and Jenny Bradley

Thom Filicia