February 03, 2010

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HGTV"S Top 10

Last summer HGTV’s Top 10 called to inquire about shooting my small apartment in Kinderhook. It was, to say the least a surprise. They were doing an episode on small spaces under 750 square feet. Mine is 650 square feet.

A very quick two weeks later they arrived. It gave me very little time to really prep. So naturally all the things I had been putting off to redo, are still waiting to be changed six months later! But, I did get the fabric printed for the duvet cover and shower curtain and fabricated and installed. The general design evolution of the space is still waiting for my attention.

The shoot was also very different from a magazine shoot. It is a much faster pace. They completed it in five hours instead of the normal two day magazine shoot, complete interview.

There are a few out takes on HGTV’s website or better yet, tune into it and see for your self.