August 01, 2010

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Where has the Summer Gone?

I am somewhat shocked. My calendar tells me August is here. I am wondering where the summer has gone?

This summer was almost perfect for the roses in my garden. It was warm and just the right amount of rain. I was looking through the garden pictures that I have been taking and found the ones of the roses in bloom. I have about 20 varieties in the garden now. Most of them antique. I have added another six since these photos were taken and trying to resist the temptation for even more.Here’s a selection of some of my favorites from this fast fading summer.

The Zephirine Drouhin climbing on the back of the building is my favorite climber. Just plant it, water it and watch it go.

I planted a small Reine des Violettes last year that’s starting to take off on the arbor at the back of the garden. The blooms are a gorgeous color and the fragrance is bliss.

The Pierre de Ronsard in my opinion is a must have for every garden. The roses are stunning and fragrant, best of all they reward us with literally arm loads of stunning roses. They even rebloom in late summer.

A wonderful simple arrangement for the kitchen. A stem of Zephirine Drouhin in a plain bottle.

Roses in the city. This is an arrangement we did for the city apartment. A contrast of cream Pierre de Ronsard mixed with some of the purples varieties.