June 17, 2011

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The Apartment of Christian Dior

Recently I was in a shop going through stacks of used books. I was fortunate enough to come across a copy of the wonderful Les Reussites de la Decoration Francaise 1950-1960. Since I have a real weakness for French design books from the ’50’s and 60’s I had to snap it up. French rooms from this period always fascinate me by their timelessness. What really caught my attention were the photos of Christian Dior’s elegant Paris apartment. After Dior’s success as the uber designer of his time, he hired two friends to decorate his new home. Georges Geffroy did the “public” rooms where Dior would hold receptions and dinners, while his other friend Victor H. Grandpierre did his private rooms.

The entry is so dramatic and simple, particularly with the draping on the stairs that matches the trim on the portieres.

The living room is one of the “public” rooms used for entertaining. It rather makes me want a huge palm tree.

Truly a thing of the past, the smoking room. Regardless of its original purpose with a few small tweaks, like removing the ashtrays, it could have been done yesterday.

Red linen velvet, Flemish tapestry, a leather sofa and a fireplace I am ready to move into this room.