January 05, 2012

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The New Chair

A New Year and a new decorating project! We have needed another chair for the living room in the country and we found this one recently that fits beautifully. The chair is really comfortable and has great lines. Now the hard part: choosing the fabric! 
I am trying to be careful, because as most people have experienced one small change can quickly turn into redoing the entire room if not the entire house. Clearly something I’d rather avoid with everything else that is happening this year (like the book). 

The lines are great.

The color is easy it will either be wedgwood blue or string, but the pattern choice is more difficult. I am very partial to Victoria in wedgwood, but maybe I should do it on the cream ground? 

Venice is bold and Pinwheel is fun and subtle, particularly in string. 

The repetition of Petite Fleur could be great as well.

Then again, I just struck off this new version of Combray in two colors. This is one of the new designs I will be showing in Paris at Deco Off for the first time in two weeks. I am really liking the two color combination of wedgwood and lichen together. 
Hmm which way to go? That is the question.