July 26, 2012

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Raspberry Delight

Raspberries are one of Mother Nature’s most delectable treats. Easy to grow and tedious to pick make them the ideal challenge/reward fruit. We have a 48’ foot run of the ever bearing Heritage variety along one side of the fence that encloses the garden. They bear fruit in July for a couple of weeks and then from mid-August through to the first frost. 

They are a raspberry lovers dream come true. The yield is an embarrassment of riches; countless large mixing bowls of berries get picked throughout the season. With a bounty like this it’s easy to be extravagant with them. I developed this recipe for raspberry sorbet that is the essence of raspberry goodness. It requires four cups of raspberries, an amount that would stretch even the largest purse if one had to buy them, but when one grows them it’s another story.

Raspberry Sorbet

4 c. fresh picked raspberries

3/4 to 1 c sugar depending on sweetness of berries

1 T. fresh lemon juice

Puree the berries. If you like a seedless sorbet, strain the puree, otherwise I add the sugar, mix to dissolve and chill for an hour.

Just before adding the raspberry puree to the ice cream maker, mix in the lemon juice.

Freeze according to manufacturers directions.

Serve with a spring of your favorite herb to garnish.