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A Southern Thanksgiving with Designer Mary Evelyn McKee

November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving at the home of Birmingham designer Mary Evelyn McKeeis all about family. She grew up in a large family where she learned how to host a lot of people with ease. Mary Evelyn’s warmth and charm are infectious and I imagine that her Thanksgiving must be a real treat for everyone lucky enough to be at her table. In addition to her interior design business, she is also playing a very active...
Perfect Linens: The Secret is in the Sizzle

November 23, 2015

The ideal: perfectly crisp and smooth linens.

There is nothing like beautifully pressed linens. The cool immaculate crispness and the implied sense of order of perfectly pressed linens seems like a noble goal in an ever more chaotic world. I have discovered many times over, that the apparently simple task of ironing napkins is clearly more complex than first thought. I decided to find out what it...


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